This trip has been so amazing; it has been a wonderful experience for me. During this trip I have learned so much, not only about soccer but about being a better person. For example, soccer wise I learned that I need to be a quicker and more aggressive player. And on being a better person, I learned how to interact and bond with people quicker and easier. The people I met on this trip really made this experience a lot better. The day we leave, I will be very sad because I might not ever see any of my new friends again. But, I can't wait to go home and tell my family and friends all of my memories. Thank you SCANDIA!!! -Aaron L. (CO)

This trip has been incredible. It was an honor to be able to captain the boy’s U16 team that made it so close to the A final this year in Cup Number One. It’s always fun to be able to meet new friends from the United States and Denmark. It’s always fun to compete in such a soccer saturated environment where you play teams that are often much better than your local teams, and the games are much more intense. For me, being able to play at such a high level against kids that want to win as much as I do is always very fun. -Sam J. (HI)

I didn't think I was ever going to be able to come on this trip, but through patience and persistence I've been able to have one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  Thank you Scandia United for providing me and all the other athletes the opportunity to have this experience of a lifetime! -Anaiah C.(HI)

This trip was amazing! I have gotten the opportunity to play a different style of soccer that has made me a better player.  I'm very glad I made the decision to come on this trip because it was an incredible experience. - Vanessa R.(HI)

I had a really fun time!!! I learned a lot more about soccer and I think I really progressed and got better at playing soccer. I also liked looking at the different places of the world. The views were really pretty and I LOVED shopping for new things. I had a great experience learning and trying new things. I think I have gotten more responsible. I am glad that I got to go on this trip! Thank you. PS - The food was great. -Malia B. (C0)

This trip was indescribable. Soccer is my passion, so having the opportunity to play soccer with and against kids from all over the World is one of the coolest things I've ever done. Not only did I learn more soccer skills, but I learned how to be more responsible and how to take care of myself. Interacting with people from all over the World brings togetherness that I think we should have all the time. My friendships that I formed and friendships that became closer on this trip will be cherished forever. Thank you SUSA for this amazing experience. -Andreza L. (WA)

During this trip I have had so many new experiences even though it was my third year. We made a little group called the 'rat pack' and we were pretty much unstoppable. Our team bonded so much on and off the field, as it was visible with the result of our wins! I love this trip so much and I have so many memories that I can't wait to share. -Paris W. (NV)

This trip has been amazing opportunity. We got to visit four different countries other than the U.S. These past 3 1/2 weeks has been more than enjoyable. From training for a week in Tonder and getting to know everyone, to being captain and playing in the Dana Cup No.1 and Gothia Cup. Although we didn't win on the boy's side, we came pretty close. This was a very big accomplishment considering the fact that we haven't ever played with the two teams for the two different tournaments. Thank you SUSA for allowing me to have this experience to play soccer and to experience different cultures. -Justin G. (HI)

For my first time out of the country, this was a great trip to start out with.  It was an absolutely amazing experience being able to go play soccer in Europe.  One of my favorite things was getting the opportunity to go watch the Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony.  It was amazing and I will never forget it.  I would like to thank all of the coaches for all that they taught me and for an amazing trip! -Mitchell B.(CO)

This trip has been more amazing than words can explain.  I have grown as a soccer player and as a person.  It was a very good learning experience for me as far as responsibility to come on this trip without my family.  I will cherish every memory made and the laughs on this trip.  My expectations were exceeded and I definitely want to come back. -Ashley W. (CO)