Scandia United

A Path to Character Through Unity, Competition and Travel 


We are within 2 weeks of departing for our 2019 Scandinavian Journey!  This year we will have a stopover in Iceland where we will spend the first day touring some spectacular places, including some Viking history and a stop at the infamous Blue Lagoon before spending the night in Keflavik.  From there, we will continue our Journey to Silkeborg, Denmark for our training week that will include several Danish players and scrimmages with local club teams.  The first week also includes a sightseeing trip to Aarhus and spectacular meals prepared by our staff chef's.  Then we head North for the Cup No.1 tournament in Frederikshavn, Denmark which is a small, quaint and friendly town.  While there we will visit Farup/Sommerland Amusement/Water park before competing in the tournament.  At the end of the second week, we will head to Gothenburg, Sweden via ferry to participate in the Gothia Cup which is the largest youth soccer tournament that is attended by 1700 teams from nearly 80 nations.  We will conclude this year's Journey with a sightseeing trip to Copenhagen and a night's stay there, prior to heading back to the U.S.  It is almost time for the Journey to begin!


Old news now, but a former player that is hoping she will be able to return as a staff coach, knowing the valuable experience she received while on tour with Scandia United Soccer Academy:

Playing with Scandia United was hands down the most amazing experience I have ever had.  It was something that I will forever be grateful for and something that I will never ever forget.  I was lucky enough to get to spend two summers in a row traveling around Europe with Scandia United.  Playing with this group gave me so much confidence.  It was amazing to see how differently the game was played in Europe.  every single game was played at a fast pace and they were all very competitive.  The coaches at Scandia did a phenomenal job of finding amazing talent from all around the U.S. and Europe.  They managed to stick complete strangers together to train for one week and play for 2 weeks and somehow got us to gel together and become a great, dangerous, competitive team.

Throughout those 2 summers that I was lucky enough to travel with Scandia not only did I grow as a player, I also grew as a person.  I learned how to manage my money a little bit better, being as I didn't have my parents with me to give me more whenever I needed it.  I learned to wake up on time and catch a bus to get to where I needed to go.  I learned what kind of people I should and should not surround myself with and that others actions sometimes reflect onto you because you associate yourself with them.  And, I overall just learned how to be way more responsible for myself.  I carried everything I learned throughout my time with Scandia home with me and it really helped me grow as a person.

On top of all of that Scandia gave me one of the greatest gifts anyone could ask for, life long friendships with people from all around the world.  In fact, I met my best friend in the whole entire world, Michelle, while playing with Scandia my first year.  Although she lives all the way in Denmark and I live all the way in the U.S., those few weeks we spent together playing helped us form an unbreakable bond that is so so special.  I hope that everyone can have at least one friendship like that in their lives.  Overall, Scandia United is an amazing program that helps people not only become better soccer players, but better people.  I can't thank Coach Brad and the rest of the coaches enough for inviting me to play not once but twice!  It is truly the experience of a lifetime.  I would one hundred percent do it all over again.            Justice R. - Las Vegas, NV


We are looking forward to another spectacular Journey in 2020, so please contact us if you have interest in our program!  You can also follow us on our Facebook page at Scandia United Soccer Academy.